Top Escort Sites – Why They Are So Popular

While there are certainly many escort service websites on the web, there is still no doubt that the best ones still remain escorts for hire. There are some differences between the different websites but the bottom line remains: there are only a few very good escort platforms on the web and those that make it to the top are still the best. The first question that most people have when looking for an escort is where to find the best escort sites on the web. And the answer is simple. First you need to know what you want. There are many options when it comes to choosing an escort.

You can choose an escort site based on location

An escort in another country is likely to be a little bit cheaper than one that’s in your own country. This is because of the differences in currency values and the fact that there isn’t a huge demand for the Canadian market. But an escort, that’s a little bit cheaper does not necessarily mean you’re going to get better service. There is also an issue with language barriers and things like this. For example, an escort in another country may only be able to speak English to a certain extent and that can affect the level of service you receive.

Escort sites also offer other services besides getting laid

Many offer dating opportunities and some even cater to other interests like role playing or webcamming. Most of the time though the top escort sites will stick to offering the basic services like getting picked up, transportation and protection.

So if you want to find the top ones, the first thing you need to do is locate the most popular ones

By popular we mean places that have been mentioned on TV or radio. There is something called the “hottest” list and if you’re part of that community you’ll be sure to find an escort website nearby. There are several local escort sites on the web that are constantly mentioned and ranked highly in search engine results.

But there’s something about local escort sites that make them more popular than the big national ones. First of all since these are run by women, they tend to offer more personalized services. There’s no management taking care of the site and so you can expect to get more personal phone calls and more detailed communications. This is especially true when talking about pick up and drop off points.

Another key reason these top escort sites are popular is because of the level of safety and security they provide. These sites are often based in large cities where crime is higher and so there’s always a greater chance that your date will be approached or possibly propositioned. With some of these sites you actually pay a monthly or annual fee so you know that even if there is a high volume of call girls you can be pretty sure you’re safe. The sites also offer a lot of information about the different escorts and what each type offers.